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ThumbmarkJS: A free, open source device fingerprinting JavaScript library for the web

I needed a decent JavaScript fingerprinting library. I wanted something that was 'good enough': not crappy, but didn't need to be perfect. I noticed the great FingerprintJS , but sadly, they changed their license to a paid one. Boo! What is a good alternative to FingerprintJS? There are alternatives out there too, but to be honest, they all have faults. FingerprintJS is great, but they're monetizing their product in a way that I don't like. I might need hundreds of thousands of requests per month, but I can't pay thousands of dollars. It doesn't need to be perfect either, so I don't want to pay such a high premium. ImprintJS used to be a thing, but it's now archived for a few years already. ClientJS hasn't been updated for a few years either. It is promising, but I find it a little too complicated to extend and I see nowhere any statistics on how good is it. BroprintJS is the new kid on the block and hats off for trying, but it's very lim

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